Lou Gary Hughes Jr

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Lou Gary Hughes Jr. was born on June 1, 1967 in Little Rock, Arkansas, where he grew up, with a focus originally on athletics. His experiences in life led to twenty plus years in Corporate America traveling around the United States and abroad with a focus on giving back to the community. His outreach ministry activities provide direction to duplicate success in others by formulating a blueprint to help others achieve their goals. He is an eight-year Veteran of the Armed Forces. His service to his community coupled with influences from his grandmother from an early age, forged disciplinary skills that motivated him to create disciplines of Honesty, Integrity, and Character. He has served on several boards, created 4 non-profits, and is the creator of the “WHY Experience”. He is currently working on his second book that will become part of a national program to teach ethics, manners, and leadership to the youth of today. He is also working on an online training platform and is currently working as an instructor on several online platforms.

His core values are humility, fitness, entrepreneurship, financial security, creativity, contribution and character. All of which are detailed on his personal page: www.lougaryhughesjr.com

Throughout the years Mr. Hughes has continued to seek out opportunities to:

  • Invest in others to inspire others to invest in the future of others via in person and online programs
  • Serve on Non-Profit Organizational Boards
  • Assist with New Entrepreneurs who aspire to open or improve businesses
  • Create Legacy Businesses that will provide future opportunities and economic growth to local communities
  • Live with Honesty, Integrity and Character so he can be an example to others

Today, Mr. Hughes is focused on investing in the future of others. Creating people assets opposed to liabilities. His soon to be released online program called the “WHY Experience” online training platform will be released soon which will allow basic, proven steps to understanding your passion that leads to your purpose to truly “Living Your Best Life Ever”. He believes his personal mission and vision is in line with his outreach vision to create a forum helping millions reach their dreams. His personal mission statement:

To be the best spiritually minded father and husband while “Investing in the Future” of others to inspire others to invest in the future of others.

He has served on several Community Service, Logistics, and County Boards. He has been recognized several times in Corporate America, and, as he continues to self-develop others around him, he wants to be remembered for random acts of kindness and servant leadership towards others.

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Lou Gary Hughes Jr.

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